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Coffee Beans | Guatemala Santa Rosa Finca

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From the country of Guatemala, Santa Rosa Finca. As these single-origin beans expertly gone through a fully washed process by the farmers. Roast the beans to medium-dark level and it will gives a fruity flavor hints of tangerie and cherries with the floral aroma, leave you a good balanced aftertaste.

Roast Date: 20/1/2024

Coffee Grade: Specialty 

Beans Type: 100% Arabica

Variety: Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Altitude: 1400~2000 Masl

Tasting Note: Floral, Tangerie, Cherries, Chrysanthemum

Note: If you have a specific preference for your own grind size, please select whole bean.

Grind Size  |  Brewing Method

Fine  /  Espresso, AeroPress

Medium-Fine  /  Moka Pot, V60 Pourover, AeroPress

Coarse  /  French Press

If you have any questions, please visit here for more information.


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